About Prof. Chen Yunjun

Mr. Chen yunjun, 46 years old, born in a distinguished family named Chen, in Xiushui country, Jiangxi province. Of his ancestors, Sanyuan was a great poet in the late Qing dynasty. Hengke expert in painting. Yinke specialized in history. All renowned at that or the present time and of great significance in Chinese culture history. Mr. Chen who has lived in Tianjin for long, is a celebrated middle-aged poet, calligrapher, painter and calligraphy theorist. Besides classical literature, he has achieved great success in Buddhist studies. All these can be seen in his many books. Mr. Chen has held many exhibitions of calligraphy and paintings at home and abroad including Japan, Korea and Singapore. Mr. Chen is now the director of the Assiciation of Chinese Poem and vice president of its Tianjin branch, a member of the association of Chinese Calligraphers, the vice president of Tianjin Mailin Calligraphy institute.

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