Handscrolls Exhibition Room at The National Palace Museum, Taipei.

Masters' Calligraphies ( albums and handscrolls)

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Chin Dynasty

317 - 420 AD
Wang Hsi-chih
Three Passages of Calligraphy -
P'ing-an, Ho-ju and Feng-chu
Wang Hsi-chih
Wang Hsi-chih
K'uai-hsueh shih-ch'ing t'ieh (Written after Snowfall)

Tang Dynasty

618 - 907 AD
Yen Chen-ch'ing
Funeral Address for Nephew Chi-ming
Sun Kuo-t'ing
Shu-p'u (Essay on Calligraphy)
Lu Chien-chih
Wen-fu (The Rhapsody on Literature)
Tzu-hsu-t'ieh (Autobiography)
"Thousand-character Essay" in CUrsive Script
Ch'u Sui-liang
Copy of the Lan-t'ing-hsu (Orchid Pavilion Preface) on Buff Silk

Sung Dynasty

960 - 1279 AD
Su Shih
Poem "On Cold Meal at Huang-chou"
Ou-yang Hsiu
Records on Collecting Antiques
Mi Fei (Mi Fu)
Huang T'ing-chieh
Poems by Han-shan and the Hermit P'ang Yun
Emperor Hui-tsung
Poem t'ieh

Yuan Dynasty

1235 - 1367 AD
Chao Meng-fu
The Two Red Cliff Odes by Su Shih
Hsien-yu Shu
Semi-cursive and Cursive Calligraphy
Chao Meng-fu
Ode to Hsien-chu

Ming Dynasty

1368 - 1643 AD
Chu Yun-ming


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