Large Painting Exhibition Room at The National Palace Museum, Taipei.

Masterpiece Paintings (hanging scrolls)

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Tang Dynasty

618 - 907 AD
Court Ladies
Han Kan
Horses and Groom

Five Dynasty Period

908 - 959 AD
Layered Mountains
and Dense Woods

Sung Dynasty

960 - 1279 AD
Fan K'uan
Travelers among Mountains and Streams
Kuo Hsi
Early Srping
Wen T'ung
Ink Bamboo
Mother Hen and Chicks
Ts'ui Po
Magpies and Hare
Emperor Hui-tsung
Wild Birds on Wild Prunus
Li Ti
Homeward Oxherds in Wind and Rain
Liu Sung-nien
Lohan (Arbat)
Su Han-Ch'en
Children Playing in the Autumn Garden
Ma Yuan
Evening Banquet at the Palace
Ma Yuan
Egrets on a Snowy Bank

Yuan Dynasty

1235 - 1367 AD
Wang Mien
plum Blossoms in Early Spring
Ni Tsan
The Jung-hsi Studio
Wang Meng
Lin-wu Grotto at Chu-ch'u

Ming Dynasty

1368 - 1643 AD
Wang Fu
A Gathering of Literati in a Mountain Bower
Shen Chou
Lofty Mount Lu
Tang Yin
Soughing Pines on a Mountain Path
Ch'iu Ying
Pavilions in the Deep Mountains
Wen Cheng-ming
Old Trees by a Cold Streams
Tung Ch'i-ch'ang
Discussing Connoisseurship at Feng-ching

Ching Dynasty

1644 - 1911 AD
Lang Shih-ning
White Falcon
Lang Shih-ning
Brocade of Spring
Lang Shih-ning
Pair of Cranes in the Shadow of Flowers
Lang Shih-ning
Eight Horses
Wang Hui
Mountains, Streams and Autumn-tinted Trees
Yun Shou-p'ing
Old Trees and Bamboos in the Style of Ni Tsan
Shih-t'ao and Wang Yuan-ch'i
Bamboo and Orchids


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