The super high quality reproduction techniques

A special camera (15ft long, 6 ft tall and 6ft wide, weigh 3 tons) was designed for this reproduction project. To protect the originals, a special illumination system without UV light and heat radiation was used. The original color was separated into 8 or 12 colors (regular print work only use 4 colors). The test print was compared carefully with the original to make sure the reproduced color was identical to the original. As a result of intense R&D effort, special paper and silk materials were developed to match the original painting materials.

When Nigensha presented the reproduced art work "Written after Snowfall by Wang Hsi-chih" to the former director of the National Palace Museum, Mr. Jiang. He looked at the art work for a long time and said "This is the original from our storage room ! I want to see the reproduction by Nigensha".

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