The inner impetus for my painting, during this period of time (1996-present) comes mainly from my practice of meditation and my dance experience.

When I meditate daily, I discover that life is impermanent and dreamlike. It becomes clearer that people have the tendency to grasp perceptions as solid existence and form as reality; the mind is exhausted and deluded by itself. Keeping one's mind open is the way to perceive the true face of nature. Once the mind is obscured by illusions, actions cause results, which are Karmic seeds creating another dream of future life.

When I am dancing, I feel the music , and my feeling is expressed by the body's movement. When I am painting, my feeling is expressed by different colors, different kinds of paper and different textures. Form carries my feeling; image is being perceived in different ways - it is developing and illusory, like a magic display of pure ultimate nature. It is no longer solid. It is personal , but it is also universal. It is calm and exciting. It is the union of the ultimate and the individual experience (yoga).

With the development of painting, concepts are formed to express the openness of reality. A title is only a personal awareness of the reality. It does not close the painting. The painting itself, which reflects the reality, is titleless. My painting is a very concrete procedure incorporating the awareness of the union of personal experience with the naked truth.

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