Zhenghua Wang

MR. WANG ZHENGHUA was admitted to the Department of Oil Painting in the Central Institute of Fine Arts, Beijing in 1956. He studied under the guidance of the famous Art Master, Mr. Wu Zuoren, who was the president of the Institute at the time. Mr. Wang graduated from Mr. Wu's Studio in 1961. Because he was one of the best graduates of the year, Mr. Wang was offered a teaching position at the Central Institute of Fine Arts, Beijing. Mr. Wang's work of graduation-"Revolution of 1911", proved to be a great success, which made him known in the fine art world. The painting was collected for exhibition by the History Museum of Chinese Revolution. Mr. Wang was sent by the Ministry of Culture to Italy in 1980 and he studied there till 1982. During this time Mr. Wang visited many art centers in Italy, France and the Great Britain. Mr. Wang was rewarded "David di Michelangelo" Award by the Casarico Art League in Milan in 1982. After he went back to China, Mr. Wang became associate professor and vice chairman of the First Studio of the Central Institute of Fine Arts, Beijing. Mr. Wang was also elected as acting chairman of the Association of Beijing Artists.

Early works of Mr. Wang's paintings focused on major historical subjects, which clearly represented his established skill of reflecting reality. His works of last decade skillfully demonstrate his romantic style of catching the abstract. Mr. Wang has persistently sought to build connections between western and oriental, classic and modern art. His effort rewarded him with a new visionary effectiveness and vitality in his paintings. In the First Exhibition of Chinese Oil Paintings in 1987, Mr. Wang was rewarded "Chinese Oil Painting" Award for his successful work of the period - "the Elderly". Mr. Wang held many exhibitions in China and also participated in some exhibitions abroad, such as exhibitions in Japan, the United States, Italy, Singapore and Algeria. Mr. Wang was one of the major participants of "Grand Exhibition of the Nude in Art" held by the National Gallery of Fine Arts, Beijing in 1988, which attracted an enormous amount of visitors and also caused much controversy. Mr. Wang's works are collected in all major museums and galleries in Beijing and also in Fukuoka Art Museum in Japan. In October 1993, Mr.Wang had his works exclusively exhibited in the United Nations' Headquarters, New York.


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