Portrait of Xinjiang People

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The Map of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region

A Kashi old man

A Tajik girl in
Kunlun mountain

Visiting relatives

On the crop

A happy Kashi oldman

A Hasak woman
forming wool thread

Beside the vine shelf

A small eagle in
Tian-Shan mountain

Young girl in
Barikun meadows

A Hasak man in
Altay mountain

A young Uygur student

Born and growing up
in Tian-Shan mountain

An Altay mountain baby


Next to Kashi river

A Uygur girl carrying water

A red dressed girl
in Kunlun mountain

Next to Tian-Shan lake

Hasak girl

A girl deep inside
Tian-Shan mountain

Waiting to start a
journey in Altay mountain

The autumn of Turpan

Kashi street market


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