Li Shan

A Biographical Sketch

1926 -- Born in Qintao, China
1953 -- 1958 Studied at the Zhejiang Art Institute.
1958 -- 1966 Editor of the Xingjiang Art Pictorial Arist in Jiangsu Chinese Painting Institute
1980 -- Honorary President of the Chao-Hu Chinese painting Institute
Vice - president of the Nanjing Artist Association
Nanjing Museum one-man exhibition
Television documentary program aired nationwide by China Central Broadcasting Bureau, entitled "The Chinese Painting of Li Shan"
1981 -- 1990 Visit to the U.S.A.
One - man exhibition at
  • Three Friends Studio Gallery/New York
  • Sheldon Gallery/Lincoln, Neboaska
  • Gallery Antique/Camel, California
  • Paige Gallery/Dalles, Texas
  • Boulevard Gallery/Hsuton, Texas
  • University of Texas at Dallas
  • Plandome Gallery/Long Island, NY.
  • Sea-Gull Gallery/Singapore
  • The Art House/Kala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Lion Gallery/Taipei, R.O.C.
Visiting professor of the Texas Wesleyan College, Fort worth, Texas
1997 One man show at The National Museum of History, Taipei, Taiwan/R.O.C.

Professional Publications Featuring Li's Work

  • Li Shan's Xingjiang Paintings by the Xingjang People's Publishing Co. China
  • Li Shan's Paintings by the Jinagsu People's Publication Co. China
  • Who's who of Chinese Art, Vol. II, by the Shanghai people's Art Publishing Co. China
  • Who's Who of Cotemporary Chinese Art, Vol. II, by the Hunan People's Publishing co. China
  • Chinese Painters and Calligraphists, published by Chinese Gallery, Japan
  • Contemporary Chinese Painting by the New World Press, China

Major Museums And Public Offices Which Own
Mr. Li's Work
As Part Of Their Permanent Collection:

  • Great Hall of the People, Tian an Men Square, Peking.
  • The National Fine Art Museum, Peking.
  • Jilin Museum, China
  • Nanjing Museum, China
  • Zhejiang Art Institue, China
  • Sheldon Gallery, Lincoln, Nebraska, U.S.A.
  • St. Johns University, New York, U.S.A.