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The Mount Altai

16x21cm 1984

Ancient Banyan in Xinhui,Guangdong
16x21cm 1979

Dazhao Temple, Lhasa

16x21cm 1980

Autumn Rerived in Mount Taihang
16x21cm 1977

Birds Paradies

16x21cm 1984

Spring in Mount Taihang
16x21cm 1977

Taiwan Acacia

16x21cm 1978

Mountain Village at Matian, Henan
16x21cm 1977

The Barkhor Market, Lhasa
16x21cm 1980

Spring Growing

16x21cm 1986

Setting Sun and Mountains
16x21cm 1977

A Small Fair in Kashi

16x21cm 1984

The Mountain in Hui County, Henan
16x21cm 1980

Beside the Furnance
21x16cm 1975

Heaven Peak, Mount Huang
21x16cm 1981

Shenzhen Reservoir Park
21x16cm 1978

Tower Pine in Mount Tianshan
16x21cm 1984

Study Work (High School)
40x30cm 1959

Study Work (Freshman)
24x20cm 1960

tudy Work (Freshman)
27x20cm 1960


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