About Yang Rui

Mr. Yang Rui, the popular artist was born in 1950, Suzhou, an ancient city of People's Republic of China where many of brilliant figures were born there in its history. He was brought up in a nice family under an atmosphere of Chinese traditional culture. However, this was interrupted by the nation - wide political movement called Cultural Revolution started in 1966 and he himself was sent away to do the labour work together with 'poor peasants' in rural area.

Not until 1984 when he graduated from Suzhou Fine Art School, he started to work as a designer in the fields of theaters, costume, advertizing and decoration with his art talent.

For years, the creative works he has presented to the public reflects the scenic beauty of Suzhou and the figures in the famous region along rivers and lakes around the southern parts of Jiangsu province. All these have been well received because of their gracefulness and emotion.

Yang views the life with his unique artful eye. He reveals, with his unique style, his hometown to the world in a beautiful scenery; the narrow canals traveling in town, hills that surrounded by fishing boats on lake, bridge by an ancient town, houses of old architecture and the aged walls. He just tells you stories with beautiful pictures. That is why we can not help getting deeply impressed by his artistic presentation when we stand before his works.

It is therefore not surprised to know that his works have been frequently selected to show by art galleries both home and abroad that his works have been collected by various art galleries, museums, and individuals. Recently. US Weniger Art Gallery arranged an individual art show for him. His works draw the world's attention and are appreciated by the individual collectors and art critics.

In 1988, Shanghai Film Studio shot a documentary film named "Watercolor Block Printing in Suzhou" in which Yang and his works were introduced. One of his works was honorably selected as a picture subject of the movie "The Gourmet".

Yang is now a member of Suzhou Municipal Woodcut Institute and is extraordinarily good at gouache painting, watercolor painting, watercolor block printing and moreover, he is also skillful at mounting and mending the Chinese Painting.

We wish Yang a great success of his art career.

Professor of Painting Art History Department Zhejiang Art Institute and
Visiting Scholar of Havard University, Cambridge, MA.

Exhibitions and Publications

1984 China Contemporary Woodcut Exhibition - Japan
1985 Art Exhibition for Chinese Youth in progress- Beijing
1987 Roving Art Exhibition by the Ministry of Culture of China
1988 Roving show in Japan in a name "Sino Japan Art Exchange Exhibition"
1989 Exhibition for Tenth Anniversary of Sino - Japan Peace Treaty Japanese In- ternational Art Gallery
1990 Exhibited in Central Library of Hong Kong
1991 Collected by A Dictionary of Chinese Contemporary Calligraphist & Painter
1994 First Exhibition of Chinese Library Culture Associated Show for Chinese Painters- New York
1994 Published in "Works of Chinese Contemporary Painters" and collected
1994 Silver Medal awarded in Chinese Art International Gallery- Taiwan
1996 Gold Medal awarded in 1990's Chinese Japanese Art work Exhibition
1996 Individual Show in Weniger Art Gallery - U. S. A.

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