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*Small Town in Southern Anhui (1978) 43.5x38cm

At the foot of Huangshan Mountain, there are several ancient small towns, and they look especially beautiful against the red leaves of autumn. The stone paved streets zigzag up and down with the topography of the mountain, and the murmuring brook glistens in the autumn sun.

*Homes in Golden Autumn (1974) 40x26.5cm

The ginkgo trees that cover the hillsides with glistening gold on the Dongshan Mountain of Dongting always pull at artists' hearts and fill them with longing. When the simple rustic dwellings of the local people are added to the scene, the tenor of the colorful autumn days is enriched.

*Spring Splendor on Taihu Lake (1973) 54.5x39.5cm

The Xishan Island of Taihu Lake in the springtime is covered with fields of golden rape seed and clusters of brilliant flowering trees weaved in among layer after layer of dark green orchards. We looked down from a height and saw this island embraced by the beauties of nature.

Autumn Woods after a Rain (1974) 56x47cm

In a maple forest after a rain, puddles of water on the ground reflected the beautiful trunks of the maple trees. The sentimental days of autumn always intoxicate me.

Midday (1972) 51.5x37.5cm

For a period of time, I was entranced by water and ink. The succinct and expressive style of the illustrations for literature done by Tupinski, a Russian artist, inspired me a great deal. Later on, I also used water and ink to paint from life, using black, white and grey to interpret the rich colors of nature. In 1972, when I was in the waterside town of Luzhi, I did many paintings from life in this style.

Rain on the Lanjiang River (1977) 48.5x48cm

Lanxi is a beautiful old city in Zhejiang and the ancient-style city tower stands on the confluence of the three rivers of Fuchun, Xinan and Lanjiang. I rambled around on the banks of the river to savor the atmosphere of this old small town, and took a sampan down the river in the rain to make sketches, and record the diversity of architectural forms and scenes of everyday life by the river. In 1980, Huang Zhou saw my water and ink paintings based on these life sketches, and said, "If Chinese painting is to develop, we must innovate. You are going in the right direction and should continue this way." He inscribed some words on this sketch to encourage my efforts.

*Night Scene of Guilin (1981) 44x42cm

I had yearned for a long time to see the landscape of Guilin, because I thought that using the water splash technique to portray multi-layered hills and their reflections could create a superb visual effect. Since my first visit to Guilin in 1982 to sketch, I have attempted many Guilin landscapes, and my works have been selected for inclusion in "Famous Artists Paint Guilin", published jointly by China and Japan, and other collections and exhibition of paintings. This picture is from one of the exhibitions.

*Echoing Rock (1979) 48x48cm

One day, on a visit to the Yandang Mountain in the autumn of 1979, when I was returning to my guest house after having finished sketching for the day, I was walking under a bright moon when I came upon a huge rock: the famous Echoing Rock. In the light of the moon, the scene appeared enshrouded in mystery. In front of me, an autumnal stream murmured softly and the atmosphere was rich with poetry.

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