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Morning Mist Among the Mountains (1980) 53x52.5cm

After the Cultural Revolution, when I had the opportunity to go to other areas of China to visit and sketch, new impressions arising from my travel were always striking me. On the road I was sketching continually, in spite of the bumps and jolts of the vehicle, for fear of letting slip away the beautiful scenes passing so momentarily in front of my eyes. On the road from Guizhou to Huangguoshu Falls, traditional houses of the local Jingpo Nationality people, with roofs made of green stone slabs, showed through a vast expanse of white mist. The stone roofs glimmered palely, and it looked from a distance as though a snow had just fallen. I captured my impressions at the time and used them for this painting of morning mist.

*Terraced Emerald Paddy Fields (1980) 53x52.5cm

In 1980, I joined the delegation to entertain the army on the Sino-Vietnamese border. In our spare time, we did some sightseeing in surrounding areas, and the lush and beautiful scenes of South China moved me deeply. In addition to sketching army heroes, I also did countless sketches of this beautiful scenery.

Dust in Bohai Sea (1977) 45.5x38cm

On a boat trip from Shidao Island to Qingdao, a bad night of rough winds and huge waves had lowered everybody's spirits, but on the second day, we rallied and went out to sketch. Near the shore at twilight time, the sea suddenly became tranquil and serene, and at that moment I entirely forgot the tumult of the previous night.

*Island Fishing Village (1977) 48x48cm

Shidao Island in Shandong is a place loved much by artists. Its ever-changing seaside fishing villages and rocky cliffs have beguiled me for many hours, and I have not only attempted portray these scenes in watercolors, but have also tried to capture their characteristic structure through line drawings.

*Holiday in the River Country (1978) 119x62cm

Detail (a) Detail (b) Detail (c) Detail (d)

Detail (e) Detail (f) Detail (g) Detail (h)

This work can be considered the result of polishing and reworking countless basic sketches. The bustling of Chinese New Year in the small towns of the Jiangnan countryside are still fresh in my memory. Later on, when this painting was exhibited in the provincial capital, I received a letter from the talented Chen Danqing of the Beijing Central Academy of Fine Arts, which said, "On my way back to school last October, I visited the art museum in Nanjing and saw your painting of the water country festivities and I thought it was very interesting. The human figures were especially intriguing and appealing. In Beijing I have seen a large variety of innovative works, but I still feel that regional painting styles are simple and absorbing. Your paintings are always well laid-out elegant, unhurried, well-crafted and natural, and do not have the bustling air of the metropolis." Yes, a simple and absorbing style is always what I strive for.

Four Scenes in japan (1981) 26.5x25cm

When I visited Japan in 1981, after the close of my exhibition, I spent a lot of time sightseeing, continuously taking pictures and sketching. The beautiful scenery of Japan, the clean environment, the careful maintenance of historic sites and natural areas, and the courteousness of the people left a deep impression on me.

Sound of Spring (New Jersey) (1989) 71.5x58cm

On a Lakeshore (1989) 52x52cm

Nature, wild birds, animals and all the living things of the earth: all across the American countryside, an atmosphere of peace and tranquility can be felt and have moved me to painting. I painted this serene picture of a duck on the bank of a small creek in a friend's garden.

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