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Green Pines by the Ocean (1988) 84.5x68.5cm

In San Francisco, a friend took me to the ocean. The green pines growing on the sides of the mountain combined with the sound of the ocean waves to form an imposing natural symphony. Having previously lived my whole life in Suzhou, town of small bridges and flowing streams, I had never before experienced the strength and depth of a pine forest swaying in an ocean breeze.

Wild Duck in Autumn (1991) 53x49cm

Autumn House (1980) 57.5x57.5cm

In America, when the autumn is blazing with color, we always take a car upstate to savor the red leaves, and enjoy nature's embrace to our hearts' content. This is a wooden house in the New York countryside. The smoke suddenly waft- ing from the chimney adds to the vibrancy of the picture.

New England (1989) 66x58.5cm

When Autumn arrives, you can experience a rustic old-world atmosphere in the New England scenes of upstate New York. Life in such a peaceful and quiet environment, far away from the worry, pain, contention and struggle of the mundane world, feels like life in the secluded and utopic peach orchard described by Tao Yuanming.

Living Room (1991) 60.5x48.5cm

Mr. Inglis and his wife, Darleen, are our best friends in America. They are wonderful hosts and lovers of Chinese art. Their home is full of art works, and in the living room they have put out several pieces of simple and unaffected early English antique furniture. The furniture is carved with 16th century European traditional patterns, and are comparable in their appeal to the Chinese Ming style furniture. Having admired these pieces of furniture, I used the time spent visiting at their home to make a sketch of their living room. The black cat lying on the couch was with the family for almost twenty years. He died last year, saddening the Inglises for a long while.

A Small Pink House (1995) 57x40cm

One winter in New York, when it was snowing continuously, we went out of town to enjoy the natural world in this state of silver and white splendor. Somewhere in Long Island, this small pink wooden house sitting among the snow covered trees made me smile, and I felt that I had walked into the world of a Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale.

Early Spring in Long Island (1996) 58x58cm

When the wild geese are beginning to return, small birds are swooping and shrieking in the air, trees are putting out their first new buds, and the grass is turning a tender green, I can feel the breath of spring everywhere in Long Island.

*Small Wooden Boats (1989) 55.5x55cm

In my efforts to portray the water country faithfully, I had visited just about all the small towns and cities along the water in the Jiangsu and Zhejiang countryside. One day in the early morning, as the dawn was just breaking, a row of small wooden boats was lying quietly against the riverbank. A purple basin on one of the boats broke the monotony of the colors and gleamed against the azure waves in the morning light.

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