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Suzhou Country Woman (1975) 33.5x35cm

*Autumn Chrysanthemum (1992) 68x68cm

I have drawn illustrations for a few books for Dial Press of New York. The subjects are always taken from traditional Chinese folk stories, such as The Shell Woman and the King, which won a national award for excellence in children's literature. Some of the illustrations in this book were also later selected for inclusion in an American high school textbook. In order to portray these beautiful legends, I did a lot of character sketches. This picture is based on some sketches from life, which were then reworked.

*Red Water Lotus (1996) 69x48cm

Lotus emerge from clear water, natural and without artifice. As water lotus emerges from the mud but is not defiled, it is a symbol of purity. Its character and spirit are esteemed as the epitome of beauty. In New York, water lotus are very rarely seen, but a friend told me that some had been recently planted in a small pond at the botanical gardens in Brooklyn. I rushed over to enjoy and portray them before the impending winds of autumn would begin to blow. As a familiar fragrance wafted towards me. I felt as if I were once again at the shore of a lake of water lotus in Suzhou.

Newly Opened Water Lotus Flowers After the Rain (1996) 61.5x58cm

Autumn Vines (1995) 69x52cm

In the Liu Yuan garden of Suzhou, there are a lot of diversely shaped rock formations that have been encircled with vines. The organic combination of lines and blocks creates a contrast and a vivid artistic effect.

*Morning Herdsman (1991) 54.5x54.5cm

In 1990, when I returned to China from America for the first time, I went with my brother, Rui, to the water country of North Zhejiang to sightsee and sketch. At that time, you could still find many buildings and small bridges that reflected the traditional styles of Jiangnan. The noisy flocks of ducks in the early morning and the lakes and pools full of just-blossoming lotus, against a background of white walls and black tiles, blended together to create a myriad of inspiring tableaus.

*Evergreens (1996) 196x83.5cm

In late 1995, I travelled to Formosa. This was my second visit to Taiwan, and a close friend accompanied me and took me on a tour to several places. Later, I went by myself the Southern part of Taiwan, riding a rented motorcycle. I wandered around the famous Kending National Park on the top of a mountain. The whole mountain was filled with imposing and majestic towering trees, while layers of green hills stretched into the distance as far as the eye could see and white birds circled in the air. It was truly an ode to life.

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